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If you want to see businesses or causes that I support, or even know more about the things I do, scroll down and follow the links…


If you see a description in only one language, it means the people in charge of the business or cause only handle interactions in that language and/or the product they’re offering is only available in that language for now.

If the description is both in English and French, it means you can enjoy the product or contact the people in both languages.

Si la description est dans les deux langues c’est que les personnes

Le Comité National pour les Réparations est une entité à but non lucratif .

Regardez en ligne le premier long-métrage d’animation made in Martinique.

Watch online the first ever animated feature-film made in Martinique.

Premier film documentaire du jeune Jahi Muntuka, ce film pose des questions élémentaires concernant la situation et le devenir des populations afro-descendantes caribéennes francophones. C’est un support de réflexion et de discussion qui parvient à mettre en parallèle les connaissances factuelles et les convictions d’individus issus de parcours différé.

Artbymaddesigns is a talented graphic artist who can transform your everyday pictures into something unforgettable.

If you’re looking for a graphic artist capable of producing breathtaking empowering visuals, be it for a book cover, for the sake of gifting an art piece to a loved one or for any other reason, look no further. You can find more visuals on Instagram by checking out Artbymaddesigns. If you want to discuss a project with him, contact the artist via his Instagram DMs.

An unusual vision, a special talent…

She’s an artist who can capture the wonders of beauty as well as the fascinating horrors of all sorts of supernatural characters….

Nocturnia accepts commissions for various art projects.

You can contact her through Facebook or via her website…

Nigerian author
Gloria Ogo
already published
4 books.
This is her latest.

Kesho, le livre + les histoires en audio…

Juliette Sméralda, docteur en sociologie, enseignante, auteur de plusieurs ouvrages édifiants propose également une émission sur la chaîne Zouk TV. (Les émissions sont disponibles en Replay sur YouTube.)

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